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Personal: My bestie's wedding

Back in September, I was lucky enough to be part of my bestie's wedding. Sabina got married to Jef, the love of her life, and she asked me to be a maid of honor! I was probably almost as excited as she was, and I know I can speak for all of our friend group when I say that we felt honored to be part of this girl's day. Of course I took about a million pictures throughout the entire day, and since this blog is like my online diary I couldn't skip this dream of a day! Especially considering the fact that Sabina and I wouldn't have met if it weren't for this blog - we met at this event 6 years ago. It was meant to be!

Mom helping the bride get ready in her Mori Lee gown and birdcage veil

Waiting for the groom to arrive

At the courthouse before the arrival of the bride and groom. 

Pay special attention to my love's unicorn pin! His suit is from Massimo Dutti, pink silk tie and pocket square from Galleria Inno, shirt from Stiletto in Gent, my dress is a DIY altered Lanvin x H&M frock, necklace and hairpins from New Look and earrings from Primark

The arrival of the gorgeous couple!

The maids of honor after the ceremony, waiting for the photo session to wrap up

After the ceremony we had some hours to kill, so we went out for lunch in our wedding gear and after filling up those empty stomachs, the wedding party set off to the Airbnb we had booked for the night of the party. We stayed at this adorable little chalet, where we chilled for a bit, drank some cava, did some hair and make up retouches and changed into some more danceable outfits!

Of course my boo Natalia wasted no time breaking a champagne glass. She puts the "hot" in "hot mess".

Changed into my Little Mistress dress and vintage silk kimono coat, ready for drinks, dinner and dancing!

you can't sit with us

After overeating (not the smartest move) it was time to dance until we had to kick our shoes off! The DJ did an amazing job playing all of our favourite songs and we were getting down on everything from Aerosmith and Die Antwoord to Despacito. Perfection.

Yes I did another outfit switch when the party became too sweaty - sue me!

Pictures speak louder than words, so I hope that these shots express the joy, love and excitement felt by all of us. I wish #Jabina all the luck, love and laughter in the world, and I hope we'll continue to be partners in their journey together. Quite literally even, as we'll be joining them on their sort-of-honeymoon in California next year! Can't wait.

Outfit: embroidered sweater and pearl beret

Outfit: embroidered sweater and pearl beret
Outfit: embroidered sweater and pearl beret
Outfit: embroidered sweater and pearl beret
Outfit: embroidered sweater and pearl beret
Outfit: embroidered sweater and pearl beret
 floral embroidery sweater: c/o Shein - denim: Levi's wedgie jeans - handbag: Kate Spade NY - pearl beret: c/o Shein - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti - chelsea boots: c/o Wonders shoes

My pictures are a little different today - I took em over my lunch break using my smartphone rather than my trusty Canon 5D mark i. The quality is less impressive, but I hope my outfit and those pretty pink flowers in the background make up for it! They perfectly match the embroidery on my sweater. And honestly, more is more when it comes to flowers and florals. 

You probably all remember a sweater much like this one making the rounds on social media last winter, being one of Zara's most popular items for fw16, but the piece sold out in a flash - luckily, there's Asian webshops out there that provide us with replicas of popular high street pieces that are no longer available! This particular sweater is currently sold out, but I'm pretty sure it will be relisted soon because it's such a popular piece. 

Also lovely: this pearl beret! I have been a lover of berets since as long as I can remember, but I've never owned an embellished beret. The pearls on this one take it to the next level and make this hat the perfect piece to boost any outfit. The beret + the sweater is a lot of look I guess, but I've never shied away from a style statement. Also, I like how this outfit reminds me a bit of Black Pete's costume. In a non-racist way, obviously. I'm not here for racist renditions of Black Pete.

Hope you like the look!

Outfits: checkered suit, stars and moon boots

Outfits: checkered suit, stars and moon boots

Outfit: polkadot tights, red and green

green coat, floral skirt, polkadot tights and pink kate spade bag

Outfit: embracing fall and knee highs

vintage fall outfit in ruffled blouse, knife pleated skirt and overknee socks